Extension Services

Farmers information and Training Center:

Society with the support of IFFCO (Indian Farmers Fertil-izer Cooperative) has established a farmer information and training center in the society head office premises. It is well furnished with state of art classroom technology. Pest attack visual aids are displayed on the wall of the class, large number of agriculture related books, magazines and documentary films are collected for the information and training to the farmers.

Conducting of Training Programme to Farmers

Soil Testing Lab

Soil Testing Lab:

The society is having its own soil testing lab for test-ing the farmer's soils. Depending upon the soil conditions farmers are advised to raise suitable crops and proper application of fertilizers

Extension Services

The Cooperative has employed 6 agriculture Graduates to supervise the various production services and also to manage the seed production program. Constant guidance to members in raising the crops, resulting in increasing the quality and quantity of members produce. Society is consulting and inviting agriculture scientists of different disciplines to train the farmers. The Cooperative keeps in close touch with different institutions and organizations for obtaining information on latest production techniques for optimization of farm produce.

Agri Awarness Programme to Farmers

Field study to Farmers

Training programmes and study tours of farmer members:

The society is also conducting study tours / Training programs to farmers in various disciplines by sending them to agriculture universities, Agriculture melas, Agri tech Conferences, seminars to acquire knowledge and awareness about the innovative technologies. A special training program to women farmers has been conducted at Regional agriculture research center Warangal. The society has sent 3171 farmers so far to study the various recognized places of Agriculture, Horticulture and allied activities for information and best practices.