Insurance Services

Society is paying premium amount to insurance company under group insurance scheme and janashree bhima yojanna which is linked to crop loan upto Rs. 1,00,000/- . If any member expires the sum assured is claimed from the insurance company and adjusted to member loan account. Any excess amount left after clearing the loans net cash is paid to the deceased family

Cooperative has paid premium amount of Rs. 32,69,581/- under this scheme for the FY 2015-16. It has claimed Rs. 272.30 lakhs in respect of 1541 members since 1996.


Deceased member legal heirs Accidental insurance: receiving the insurance benefits

The cooperative society is acting as corporate agent of Life insurance company (LIC), General Insurance company viz National Insurance company, Bajaj allianz, IFFCO-Tokio Insurance companies. The cooperative is make sure that the loans disbursed the society was insured wherever it is applicable.Viz Crop insurance, Milch animals, Tractors, Harvester, Electric motors etc.

The cooperative society has claimed Rs. 21.01 lakhs in respect of 1639 electric motors burnt from 1996 - 2012. It has also claimed an amount of Rs. 196.61 Lakhs in respect of 4149 milch animals dead from 2012 - 2015

Accidental Services

The society is paying premium under Janatha Group Accident Policy its members to the sum of Rs. 1,00,000/-.

Cooperative has claimed an amount of Rs. 30.00 lakhs in respect of 59 deceased members since 1995.

Member who have purchased the IFFCO fertilizer and dies accidentally within one year from the date of purchase of fertilizer an amount of Rs. 4000/-per bag to a maximum of 25 bags i.e Rs. 1,00,000/- is claimed from the IFFCO-Tokio insurance company and paid to deceased family.

The society has claimed Rs. 10.60 lakhs in respect of 36 deceased mem-bers under this scheme.

Deceased member legal heirs receiving the accidental insurance benefits

Solar Power Plant at Society Rice Mill Premises

Solar Power Plant:

Cooperative Society has installed 500 KWp solar power plant for running the cotton ginning and pressing unit and parboiled rice mill with the financial assistance from NCDC.

Project Reports

Students from foreign institutions like Cooperative college from Canada, Carmel University college of Agriculture & Life Science, America students visit the Cooperative Society and do the project work on Agriculture and Rural Programs.

The society has claimed Rs. 10.60 lakhs in respect of 36 deceased mem-bers under this scheme.

Many students from institutions such as MANAGE, IRMA,DMI & MBA A students from near by college submit their post graduate project reports on various topics from the Cooperative Society

Students completed the project report about the society

Old Age members withdrawing the pension amount

Pension to old-age Members :

Society members above 65 years can withdraw divide¬nd distributed on the shares and interest earned on thrift deposit on monthly basis.