• 1956-57
  • 1956-57

    Organized farmers and registered the society with a primary membership of 373 and a share capital of Rs. 2,300.

  • 1957-58

    Disbursed short term loans to raise the crops for the first time

  • 1958-59
  • 1958-59

    As the society area is electrified, Society started selling of electric pump sets.

  • 1959-60

    First godown constructed for storage of fertilizer and Agri. Produce

    Sale of sugar started

  • 1960-61

    Disbursed the loans in kind much before the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) recommendation to disburse the loans in kind.

    Released first medium term loans for pump sets

  • 1961-62

    Hybrid maize seed introduced.

  • 1962-63

    Introduced pledge loans

  • 1964-65

    Member deposits crossed Rs. 1.00 lakh

  • 1965-66
  • 1965-67

    Installed rice mill to facilitate processing and marketing of member produce through linking of credit with marketing

    Crop loan system is introduced as per RBI guidelines

    High yield variety crops like CSH1, jowar, aruna castor, TV1 paddy introduced and popularized

    Supply of sugar for entire Huzurabad Taluk

  • 1966-67

    Added Oil mill to processing activity

    Introduced community prizes for villages with 100% recovery

    Formed employees cooperative credit society

    Purchased first motor cycle to facilitate staff mobility.

  • 1968-77
  • 1968-69

    Availed loans from SBH for non credit activities

    Purchased drilling machine to revitalize open irrigation wells 11/2" bore

  • 1969-70

    Ceded to SBH for all kinds of loans for credit and non credit

  • 1970-76
  • 1970-71

    Area Development Schemes for minor irrigation, dairy, poultry and tractors submitted through SBH to Agricultural Refinance and Development Corporation (ARDC)

  • 1971-72

    Graduate in agricultural science appointed to strengthen cooperative's extension services in popularizing new seeds, balanced fertilization, proper plant protection, modern implements and thereby to increase members produce.

    Sale of sugar started

  • 1972-73

    Agro Services Division strengthened by adding tractors, lathe machine, other accessories with assistance from National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) through state government.

    State Bank of Hyderabad opened its branch office at Mulkanoor

    Koppur village electrified. All 14 villages in cooperative's area got electricity.

    Consumer services division stared with Sale of cloth.

  • 1973-74

    ARDC Schemes for Dairy and poultry Development sanctioned

    Graduate in veterinary Science appointed for successful implementation of dairy and poultry schemes.

    Feed Mixing plant installed.Business in poultry feed and veterinary medicines started.

    Desilting cranes added to Agro Service Division

    Permission to advance long term loans accorded by state government.

  • 1974-75

    Loans to pipe line introduced

    Established egg marketing centres at Warangal and Godavarikhani to sell eggs of members poultry farms

    NCDC through state government sanctioned six godown with storage capacity of 3000 MT.

    Opened full fledge branch at kothakonda village.

  • 1975-76

    Second Graduate in Agricultural Science appointed to strengthen cooperative's extension services.

    Rice mill modernized

    Pest proofing machine added to undertake spraying of gunnies, for prevention of stored grain pests

  • 1976-81
  • 1976-77

    Petkus Seed Cleaner imported from East Germany

    Pioneer Maize and CSH — 6 Jowar seeds introduced

    Sprayers, dusters, crop threshers, chaff cutters, tractors added to strengthen custom services in cooperative

    A.R.D.C. Scheme for sheep rearing sanctioned

  • 1977-78

    Purchased Breeding Bulls

    Encouraged the farmers to use weedicides

    Availed subsidy from small farmers development agency(SFDA) and Live stock production program (LSPP) to assist small and marginal farmers and agriculture labourers

    Margin money availed from scheduled castes finance corporation and backward classes finance corporation to assist members belonging to these sections

  • 1978-79

    Enrolled as agent of Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) and General Insurance Corporation (GIC) to promote the insurance services to the members. Interest earned on member deposits used as premium for their individual insurance policy

    Long Term Loan advanced for first time

    On behalf of members, cooperative purchased Electricity Board's Rural debentures of Rs 1,50,000 to speed up electrification of Irrigation wells

    One drilling machine of 4 1/2" Diameter and two of 1.5" diameter added to Agro Service Division

    Assisted Multipurpose Co operative's Association ( MCA ) in organizing programmes for the officers of State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of India, Union Bank of India and Nagarjuna Grameena Bank and others at Mulkanoor.

  • 1979-80

    Become cement stockiest

    Purchased lime mixture

  • 1980-81

    Advanced Loans for digging community irrigation wells to small and marginal farmers

    Obtained dealership for diesel pump from Indian Oil Corporation at Mulkanoor

  • 1981
  • 1981

    Conducted Silver Jubilee Celebrations

    Installed kerosene bunk

    Replaced old feed mixing plant with new machinery

    Purchased delivery van with the 50% subsidy assistance provided by the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA).

    Auctioned two old lorries and purched three new lorries

    Auctioned idle oil mill

    SSG 988 Jowar seed production under taken

    Started member education programme

    Started door delivery of consumer articles through delivery van in area of operation.

    BBC filmed the activities of the cooperative.

  • 1982-83

    Sanctioned loans under cluster program to weaker sections

    Sanctioned loans to artisans and agricultural labourer

    Provide drinking water facility to four villages

    Warehouses at Bheemadevarapally and Ratnagiri villages completed

  • 1983-89
  • 1983-84

    Advanced long term loan to members to raise citrus and mango orchards

    Purchased Second petkus seed cleaner

  • 1984-85

    Installed parboiled rice mill

    Installed second poultry feed mixing plant

    Installed kerosene bunk at Kothakonda Village

    Purchased one Lorry and one van

    Advanced Loans to Gober Gas Plants

  • 1985-86

    Constructed compound walls for all the cooperative godowns under the Telugu Grameena Kranthi Pathakam

    Advanced Loans for sericulture activity started

  • 1987-88

    Purchased 125 KVA generator for Parboiled Rice Mill

    Introduced welfare schemes — funeral expenses, member welfare scheme, merit scholarships to students

  • 1988-89

    Organized eye — camp to members

    Presented Television sets to the 100% loans cleared villages

  • 1989-90

    Unveiled status of founder president in Cooperative Society premises

    Started Marketing of Citrus Fruits

    Sale counter started at Bheemadevarapally village

  • 1990-93
  • 1990-91

    Changed financial year (April to March).

    Introduced Janatha Accidental Insurance Policy for Members

    Started Insurance of Agriculture Pumpsets

  • 1992-93

    Introduced Drip Irrigation System

    Received award from Peddireddy Thimmareddy Farm Foundation

    Constructed 2 godowns at Errabelly & Musthafapoor of 1000 MT total capacity

  • 1993-95
  • 1993-94

    Added Petrol Pump to Diesel Pump at Mulkanoor

    Constructed Godowns in Mallaram, Vangara, Koppur, Gopalpoor with 3000 MT total capacity

  • 1995-96

    Cooperative converted from Andhra Pradesh Cooperative Societies Act, 1964 to the A.P. Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies Act. 1995 with new bylaws and new registration certificate

    Elections to the Managing Committee conducted under the 1995 Act

    Purchased Cotton from members

    Installed Cotton Ginning Plant with 12 gins

  • 1996-2001
  • 1996-97

    Purchased One Car & One Van

    Construction of additional godowns at Kothapally and Gatlanarsingapoor Villages with capacity 1150 MT 947 MT respectively.

    Installed 20 MT weigh bridge

    Converted One Lorry in to Oil Tanker

    Advanced Loans to Members to have Electric Transformers under OYT Scheme floated by A.P.S.E. Board

  • 1997-98

    Old Rice Mill replaced with Binny Rice Mill 2 Ton / Hour Capacity

    Implemented Janatha Accidental Insurance Scheme to cover all the Members of the Society by bearing entire Premium amount

    Completed Construction of Godown at Mutharam

  • 1998-99

    Covered lives of all the members in Group Insurance Policy covered upto Rs. 5,000/ by bearing entire Premium amount from the Society

  • 1999-2000

    Advanced loans to members for desilting of wells

    Advanced loans to Electric pumpsets lifting cranes from wells

    Advanced loans to for construction of toilets

    Installed 3rd seed processing plant at kothapally

    Started computerization of accounts and activities of society

    Covered all the lives of members in 2nd Group Insurance Policy of Life Insurance Corporation of India to the extent of Rs. 25,000/ by bearing insurance premium from the society funds.

  • 2000-01

    Established A.K. Vishwanatha Reddy Rural Development Society

    Society Supported to establish a Intermediate Junior College at society old super bazaar, Mulkanoor

    Constructed 2nd Phase Godowns at Errabelli, Mallaram, Mustafapoor, Jeelugula, Gopalpoor and Koppoor Villages

  • 2001-
  • 2001-02

    Advanced loans to solar lanterns

    Modernisatin of Diesel Bunk under taken by Indian Oil Corporation

    Supported to establish women cooperative dairy

    Supplied 500 pipes to members under rain water conservation system

  • 2002-03

    Supported in establishing degree college at mulkanoor through AKVR Rural Development society

    Participated in CMEY (Chief Minister empowerment of youth) programme by sanctioning 108 dairy units with a loan amount of Rs. 1,08,00,000/ of which Rs. 54,00,000/ as margin money and revolving fund from STEPKAR.

  • 2003-05
  • 2003-04

    Taken up watershed programmee at Narahari thanda with the assistance from NCDC through AKVR Rural Development society

    A Survey has been conducted to have Lift Irrigation Programme in 14 villages

    Renovated the office, dinning and guest rooms buildings

    BPCL has allotted LPG Gas agency to our Society

    Promoted AP Micro irrigation project by sanctioning sprinklers and drip irrigation loans to 500 members.

    Conducted animal health camps in 14 villages in association with animal husbandry department

  • 2004-05

    Modernised satake parboiled rice mill with the NCDC financial assistance

    State Govt. on the occasion of centenary celebration of cooperative movement in India awarded sri. A. Praveen Reddy with best cooperator.

  • 2005-10
  • 2005-06

    Constructed shopping complex on main road at petrol & diesel bunk

    Established Farmers Training & Information centre with the support of IFFCO

    Society has developed a short film on its activites

    Designed and created the website to the society

    NCDC sanctioned the computerization project

    Kribhco New Delhi has presented Sahakarita Vibhushan Award to our President Sri. A. Praveen Reddy.

    Constructed 2500 MT Paddy Seed Storage Godown at Kothapally Village

  • 2006-07

    Conducted Golden Jubilee Celebration on 19/03/2006 Honourable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri. Y.S. Raja Shekhar Reddy was the Chief Guest.

    Received ISO 1900 — 2001 Certificate

    Constructed 1350 M.T. Paddy Seed Storage Godown at Bheemadevarapally Village

    Constructed 612 M.T. Paddy Storage godown at Koppoor Village

    Conducted Family Planning Camp

    Conducted Eye Camp and got 150 Cataract Operations to the Members of the society, on free of cost.

    Soil Testing Laboratory Started

  • 2007-08

    Constructed 500 M.T godown at Bollonipally

    Constructed 100 M.T godown at Gatlanarsingapoor

    Purchased two 17 MT Lorries

    Purchased land at Rangaiahpally 1 acre 06 guntas for godown construction

    Purchased land at Dharmaram 0.33 guntas

    Conducted eye camp and got contract operation to (423) persons on free of cost

    Conducted animal health camps by distributing medicines free of cost from the funds of the society

  • 2008-09

    Constructed totally automated 24 cotton ginning and pressing unit with the assistance from NCDC.

  • 2009-10

    Shri A. Praveen Reddy, president of the society has been elected as member of 13th legislative assembly (MLA) from Husnabad constituency.

    He has been also elected as the Director of IFFCO, New Delhi

    To encourage education in rural area. Society started providing scholarships to member children who are pursuing engineering and medical courses

    Constructed the Defluoride water plant in the head office premises with the support of IFFCO

  • 2010-11

    The Govt. Andhra Pradesh has provided one 35 HP Eicher Tractor and seed planter worth Rs. 4,57,000/ under subsidy to the society

    Constructed godowns at Rangaihpally

    Constructed godown at Jaganathpoor

  • 2011
  • 2011-12

    Purchased 3 lorries with NCDC financial assistance

    Installed 11 additional ginning machines in cotton ginning plant with NCDC financial assistance.

  • 2012-13

    Providing loans to latest agriculture machinery like Power weeder, Rotavators, Taiwan Sprayers provided subsidy from department of agriculture

    Advanced loans to solar inverters

  • 2013-14

    Delivered key note address on "success story of MCRBMS" at World Agriculture Forum 2013, with the theme "Reshaping Agriculture for sustainable future: focus on small farm holders" at Hyderabad 47 November 2013.

  • 2014-15

    Installed 7.5 Kwp rooftop solar power for Petrol & Diesel Bunk.

    The society has been selected for NCDC National Award for "Cooperative Excellence — 2014" and felicitated Sri A. Praveen Reddy, President of the society

    Presented PowerPoint presentation at ICA Asia Pacific 11th Regional Assembly and 8th Cooperative forum on "Evidences of Sustainable Socio Economic Environmental growth through cooperatives in the region" at Bali, Indonesia, 1520 September 2014.

    Health camp for spinal card & disc problems has been conducted by Dr. Ch. Suresh, therical and tested 424 members free of cost in the premises of the society.

    Opened vision centre at society shopping complex, mulkanoor

  • 2015-16

    NCDC sanctioned 500 Kwp solar power plant for running rice mill and cotton ginning mill.

  • 2015-16

    NCDC sanctioned 500 Kwp solar power plant for running rice mill and cotton ginning mill.

  • 2016-17

    NCDC sanctioned 4TPH paddy / maize seed processing plant at Ratnagiri