Oranisation Structure

Managing Committee & General Body

As per the society by laws, all policy matters are decided by the managing committee consisting of 15 elected members on staggered term, there will be election to 5 directors in every 20 months. Once elected he will be member of the managing committee for 5 years. All the "A" class members are eligible to vote and to contest for elections. The president and vice president are elected by the members of the managing committee from among themselves. The managing committee headed by the president, meets once a month at least, and all matters related to the cooperative are discussed and policy decisions are taken at these meetings. The managing committee presents annual reports and accounts to the General Body conducted once in a year. General Body is attended by more than 5000 members. It is conducted for the whole day.

To facilitate smooth working of the society, there is also a village Ad-hoc and land inspection committee, in each of the 14 villages, comprising responsible and progressive members. These committees discuss the issues and suggests to the managing committee, the action to be taken.

Praveen Reddy

President Addressing the GB Meeting
Members Attending the GB Meeting

Members Education Programme:

The society is conducting compulsory member education programs to all the newly admitted members on the subjects viz cooperative laws, society bye laws, rights and responsibilities of the member in the society. So far 2813 newly admitted members have participated in the member education program.