Welfare Services

In the early years the society villages and farms have got electrified by Depositing voluntary debentures to the State Electricity Board.

Provided drinking water facility by digging borewell in villages when there was continuous drought

We have assisted in conducting the Family planning camps. Counseled the eligible couples for family planning operations

Society in Liaison with NGO's providing clean drinking water by installing RO plants in the villages



Member Welfare Scheme:

The society is maintaining the welfare deposit scheme of members with a minimum collection of Rs. 2000/- and maximum of Rs. 4000/- depending upon the possession of cultivable land. On expiry of the member the society is paying 12.5 times of their deposit amount to the deceased family.

The cooperative has paid Rs. 265.78 lakhs in respect of 1827 deceased members from 1996.

Deceased members legal heirs receiving welfare benefits

Funeral Expenses:

At present the funeral expenses of member / member spouse are being paid Rs. 3000/- in cash and 50Kg rice is given to the deceased family.

Cooperative has paid Rs. 51.45 lakhs in respect of 2133 deceased mem¬bers / members spouse since the year 1996.


The society has given scholarships to merit students in 7th and 10th Std. It has spent Rs. 2.90 lakhs to 260 children from 1996 to 2010

The cooperative is paying scholarship to member children studying intermediate upto two children per member under Janasree Bheema Yojana scheme of Life Insurance Corporation(LIC). Society has spent Rs. 94.14 lakh to 8422 students from 2005 to 2016

Member children who admitted into professional degree course like Medicine will be paid Rs. 11,000/- and other courses such as engineering, Agriculture, veterinary and B Pharmacy courses will be paid Rs. 8500/-

scholarship-student scholarship-student
Member's Children who have got the Scholarships

Health Camps

Animal Health Camps:

The society is conducting Animal Health Camps in all the villages of the society with the assistance of Government Veterinary Doctors and supplying medicines freely.

An amount of Rs. 9.69 lakhs has been spent by the Society for supply of medicines since 1996.

Conducting Animal Health camp

Dr. Sharath Babu Checking the Eyes of members

Physiotherapy camps

Member Health Camps:

The cooperative is conducting eye camps with the support of sharat laser eye hospital,(SLEH) Hanamkonda to our members frequently, some members are recommended for cataract operation. About 1117 members / spouse got cataract operation free of cost. The total cost for the operation was Rs. 100.53 lakhs of which the cooperative has paid 60% of the cost. i.e Rs. 60.31 Lakhs and the hospital borne the remaining 40% i.e Rs. 40.22 lakhs.

Cooperative society in association with SLEH opened vision center in society shopping complex at mulkanoor in the year 2014. About 5000 patients have been visited the centre. They are charging nominal fee of Rs. 30/- as consultation fee.

Free spinal cord and knee joint pain camp is conducted with the support of Dr. Suresh chikatla, DNB Specialist, a members' son in the year 2015.

About 424 members attended the camp for checkup, suitable advice and prescription is suggested to the patients.

Cooperative society is also conducting physiotherapy and yoga camps to members and staff.

Dr. Suresh Chikatla attending the health camp